The Ahead of the Curve Collaborative looks to strengthen the nonprofit sector through the merits of partnership. As like-minded capacity builders, our goal is to increase collaboration and communication across purpose-driven social ventures in order to help each other overcome everyday obstacles and achieve long standing goals. 

Our collaborative (formed in 2016) improves collaboration, offers referrals across organizations, expands reach, aligns work with local nonprofit organizations, and strengthens connections. Our collaborative offers the following advantages:

In particular, areas of common focus include:

  • Collaboration: A forum for networking and partnerships
  • Research: A clearinghouse for research on trends impacting the nonprofit sector
  • New Products: A means for new product development across the participating organizations
  • Advocacy: A collective response to the overhead myth, for instance, and a common advocacy agenda
  • Data: Data sharing across organizations
  • Common language and shared values: Support for common definitions and collective commitments within capacity building in areas such as risk management and diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Issue Promotion: Identify and influence key issues affecting the nonprofit sector.

You can find our partner organizations here.