Unpack and Reorganize

Resources: Seeing White (Podcast) For white people considering anti-racism, when your Black friends and colleagues have had enough (Article) White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (Article)

Knowledge and Dialogue

Resources: The Case for Reparations (Article) Toni Morrison’s powerful words on racism (Video) Funding for racial equity (Website) Disability Visibility (Book) Questions to reflect on: How does DEI language (or lack of) shape systems?  When have you felt included? Why?  When have you felt excluded? Why?

Community Organizing Space

Resources How do we connect as individuals and organizations and movements? (Video) How do we bring on new staff and what do we expect and what accountability? How do we talk about identity? (Video) How do we center the voices of people of color and the crisis that we’re in? (Video) Community Centric Fundraising (Website)

Self Care

Reminder: This work is emotionally and physically taxing. Be sure to create space and allocate resources to the care of you and your team. Resources: The True Purpose of Self-Care (Article)

Reflect on what is possible

Resources: Courageous Conversations About Race,A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools (Book) 6 Steps to Building a Better Workplace for Black Employees (Article) Advancing the Mission: The RESPECT Story (Article Pgs 9-33) Talent Justice Initiative (Toolkit) Funding for racial equity Questions to reflect on: What is the board’s level of understanding and commitment to…Read More »

Space for individuals and groups to reflect

Resources: Why is it important for capacity builders to engage in DEI work? (Video) Ibram X. Kendi, Robin DiAngelo discuss race in America (Video) Awake to Woke to Work – Equity in the Center (Article) White Supremacy and Me (Book) Role of Sr Leaders in Building a Race Equity Culture (Article) Questions to reflect on:…Read More »