BBB Foundation of Metro New York

Metro New York’s Better Business Bureau® Foundation provides educational programs and services for charities, consumers, and businesses; encourages donor support of charities; promotes charity accountability; conducts research; and provides educational intern opportunities to students. It operates the BBB Charity Accountability Program which publishes BBB Charity Reports on 769+ Metro New York area charities. BBB does not rank charities, but rather seeks to assist donors in making informed judgments by providing objective reports based on charity performance against the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountabilit . See Metro NY BBB Charity Program information at


Works with the following types of organizations

Nonprofits, businesses, associations, government agencies, media, consumers

Provides the following types of programs

  • Consulting & Technical Assistance
  • Leadership Development
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Training & Educational Resources
  • Charity Accountability Program – BBB Charity Reports; Public
  • Education

Key Programs

Metro NY BBB Charity Accountability Program:

BBB Charity Reports, free briefings throughout the year on how to meet BBB Standards, consulting with individual charities on meeting BBB Charity Standards

Educational Programs for Charities

annual BBB Charity Effectiveness Symposium, workshops for nonprofit leaders throughout the year, webinars

Educational Programs for Businesses:

annual BBB Forum on Corporate Responsibility, additional programs and webinars as possible

Educational Programs for Consumers:

  • BBB Living – online financial literacy program, previously a TV call-in program, in Spanish and English.
  • I Feel Good About GivingSM and Give With TrustSM campaigns – Paid ads and PSAs encouraging donors to support BBB Accredited Charities that have met high standards, and feel good about giving. Additional consumer ads celebrate and list BBB Accredited Charity Seal Holders.
  • Additional fraud prevention campaigns and consumer protection content development as possible.

Volunteer Intern Skill-Building Program

Internship program for college level students, including skills training, supervision/coaching, and career sessions with senior level executives from BBB boards of directors and community.


From time to time, BBB Foundation of Metro NY conducts research projects related to its mission, and also consults with the BBB Wise Giving Alliance on development of national donor trust studies.

Contact Info

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