Association of Nonprofit Specialists

Association of Nonprofit SpecialistsThe Association of Nonprofit Specialists is the go-to place for consultants and other specialists who support nonprofits.  Our members are experts in fundraising, planning, IT, governance, finance, HR, marketing, evaluation and more.

We believe a strong consulting community leads to a strong sector.  So we support the supporters – the trusted advisors and service providers to nonprofits in NYC and beyond – through various professional development offerings.

We also partner with funders and other capacity builders to bring our network’s expertise directly to nonprofits in the form of workshops, coaching and other resources.  And we provide a free online Consultants Directory, so nonprofits can search for members with skills to meet their unique needs.


Works with the following types of organizations

We support a diverse member network of individuals, firms and organizations that provide consulting and other capacity building services to help nonprofits address the myriad of needs they face daily.

This network supports all types of nonprofit organizations – of many sizes and missions, at every stage of the organizational lifecycle, in Greater NYC and beyond.

Provides the following types of programs

  • Consulting & Technical Assistance
  • Leadership Development
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Training & Educational Resources

Key Programs

For over 20 years, Nonprofit Specialists has provided programming aimed at professional development and a stronger nonprofit sector.  Current offerings include:

  • Consultants Directory
  • Consultants Institute
  • Educational & Networking Events
  • Brown Bag Lunches
  • Webinars
  • Peer Advising
  • Public Workshops in Collaboration with Capacity Building Partners

Consultants Directory

This free online directory of consultants allows nonprofits to identify members to help them address their pressing needs.

Consultants Institute

Designed for current and emerging nonprofit consultants, this one-of-a-kind 2-day intensive program covers important topics like business planning, accounting and marketing. For over seven years, the Institute has been putting participants in the position to create a sustainable and thriving consulting practice that supports the nonprofit sector.

Educational & Networking Events

These highly interactive events bring nonprofit consultants and other sector leaders together to learn about important trends, share insights and create meaningful connections, fostering professional development and increased capacity for all attendees.

Brown Bag Lunches

These purposefully more intimate round-table gatherings allow attendees to explore relevant topics in-depth, and to learn from and share with one another.


A valuable resource for our network’s ongoing learning, our webinars cover emerging issues that are particularly relevant to nonprofit consultants and capacity builders.

Peer Advising

Offered exclusively to our member network, Peer Advising connects newer consultants with more seasoned peers – to discuss issues, ask questions and share strategies.

Public Workshops

Provided by our members directly to nonprofits, workshop topics are designed to build organizational capacity around fundraising, strategic planning, public relations and more.

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