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Cause Effective logoCause Effective strengthens the nonprofit sector by helping organizations build engaged communities of supporters. We transform people, culture and systems by coaching nonprofits to learn, carry out and sustain new approaches to fundraising and board leadership.


Works with the following types of organizations

Organizations that want to increase visibility and engagement, diversify their base of support, and strengthen the board’s effectiveness in the areas of governance and fundraising. 

Provides the following types of programs:

  • Advocacy
  • Consulting & Technical Assistance
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Leadership Development
  • Training & Educational Resources 
  • Key Programs

Key Programs


Your financial security starts with a strategic, custom plan for creating fundraising goals, diversifying your revenue streams, enhancing stability and achieving buy-in. Choose from services ranging from one-time brainstorm sessions on specific challenges to in-depth residencies aimed at total transformation.

Board Governance

Your board makes many things possible, but a fully engaged board opens up a new world of possibilities. Our consultants are skilled at optimizing participation, enhancing recruitment, and teaching board members to be active partners in the programs they care so much about.

Board Fundraising

When reluctant board members become successful fundraisers, proud to further the cause they care so much about, your entire organization wins. We help create an entirely new paradigm of board responsibility and resource development.

Anniversary Campaigns/Special Events

Handled skillfully, a milestone anniversary or special event can transform your organization. Our consultants will help you celebrate your achievements, raise your visibility, energize donors, and identify ambassadors. 

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Cause Effective
505 8th Ave. Suite 1212 (on the corner of 35th St.)
New York, NY 10018 

Phone: 212-643-7093

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